Genus Loci #1

It’s that time of year again: when the leaves fall off the trees, uni starts once more and young women’s thoughts of fancy turn to their post-apopalyptic tales of despair, renewal and design.

My pitch for a game at uni this year is something I’ve temporarily titled “Genus Loci” which is Latin for “spirit of the place” (ambience) or a guardian spirit.

Roughly, the player uses wind to control a seed and guide it past obstacles (such as water, fire, oil and contrary wind sources) to a safe spot for it plant and grow. Plants also function as save points and can be used to launch a new seed, should the current one be destroyed.

In each level, seeds must be planted in all safe spots and a small puzzle must be solved to progress to the next level. Completing all levels will ‘win’ the game.

I have created a small video to visually explain the gameplay – NOT the art style/direction. I will put up some concept art later to illustrate what I have in mind for it aesthetically.

Click the image to see the video.

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