Genus Loci #13

Exciting news: we may be getting a Conservatory student to work on our music and sound (ie. someone who knows what they’re doing, as opposed to me ^]^) !  The lovely Yena (of Button Bash fame) will be presenting for us.

Check out the powerpoint here .


Progress is going well – “planting” is working, as is seed respawning and when the level “ends”.  However, I have encounted a couple of unthought-of problems involving the camera. While I solved the issue of the camera losing & refinding its target, I am now stuck on what happens if a seed is lost to fire, but there is no plant to respawn from on-camera? As the camera only follows the seed, it means the player could be permanently stuck…. I will be grappling with this particular problem over the next week.


And I have been very remiss in not posting our game development quotes of the week:


“Why? I don’t know why. Just do it.”


“Because diagonal makes it look cooler.”

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