Genus Loci #15

New version is more or less same as old version, but now featuring pretties! Non-functioning pretties, but pretties nonetheless. Next task is to make pretties function.



Genus Loci Prototype 03 from Jasmine Choinski on Vimeo.



On my traverses through the Unity-verse, I have found a couple of things that might be helpful:

A script that allows you to change the pivot point from within the editor in Unity here from Solve the System.

Custom shaders that are perfect for 2d games (especially those targeted for iOS) here from Owlchemy Labs.


And for your consideration, more salvosfrom this week in the trenches:

“I’m a rarity.”
“You’re a something.”

“It’s a nice idea, but… what’s the word?”
“Yeah, that one.”


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One Response to Genus Loci #15

  1. Yena says:

    The particles are some nice touches, can’t wait to see more.

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