Genus Loci #16

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a variety of things:

I needed a way of being able to cross-fade textures/materials, so we can see the landscape slowly change from barren to teeming with life – easier said than done. This led me to dive into the fascinating world of Unity’s shaders. Very interesting and capable of creating some very cool effects. I ended up modifying a shader, that allows for lerping between two textures; it’s best to make the two textures as similar as possible, or you can end up with some weird artifacts.

I’ve also had my head buried in one of my favorite topics: particles. New shiny effects for our obstacles: fire, wind, water and planting spots.

Genus Loci Prototyping #4 from Jasmine Choinski on Vimeo.

Water’s behavior has also been modified to be more in line with the original concept; it now presents a timing puzzle for the player. As you my have noticed, the seed’s appearance has been altered – this was in response to feedback that we should try to breathe more ‘life’ into the seed. I’m not 100% happy with this version; while it certainly has more life, I’m not sure how well it matches the rest of the art. Expect tweaks to follow.

For this sprint we are aiming to have a fully polished level (minus music and sound). From there, we will be looking at how to streamline our processes, so that the subsequent levels can be completed more quickly.

And for this week’s Mea Culpa Maxima: I have apparently gotten the Latin meaning of Genus Loci mixed up with Genius Loci. Genius Loci is the one that means atmosphere or a guardian spirit of a place, whilst Genus Loci means birthplace. Whoops. Probably just stick to Genus Loci for the time being as a) it still fits in the context of the game and b) as far as I’m concerned, it was always just a placeholder name until someone came up with something better.

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