Genus Loci #17

The end of this sprint marks the beginning of beta for Genus Loci. Woohoo! Some bugs to be sorted, but otherwise ticking along nicely:

Genus Loci Beta #1 from Jasmine Choinski on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, we will miss our target for this sprint – a fully polished level, as there are still a couple of bugs related to blending the foreground pieces, I’m still not happy with the appearance of the water, tar and cursor and we are still misssing the plant animations.

In the helpful utilities department, if you are using Unity, you have probably come across the annoying problem of Photoshop alpha’ed textures having an outline/halo. I came a cross this great little program by Reiner of the famous Reiner’s Tilesets , which fixes that problem – it also does batches of files, so you can fix all your files at once – hooray!

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One Response to Genus Loci #17

  1. Yena says:

    I like the look of where it’s all going, perhaps we can see some more in the future? And thank you for the link, it’s something pretty useful.

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