Genus Loci #19

Long time, no blog. Been busy, though.

First up, we received advice from a horde of professionals and teachers. All of it was good advice, though it took a while to digest. Unfortunately, we’ve had to move a lot of it into the “That’s great – for the sequel” box, as implementing them would put finishing this semester out of reach for us. As it is, Natalie and I have decided that to set realistic goals for ourselves this semester, so the version that we finish for assesment and publish on the web, will be a demo version and hope to use Rockethub or something similar to raise the funds to release the ‘full version’, containing all of the levels.

Other important decisions include removing the tar and replacing it with radioactive waste, adding in a few visual enhancers and giving the seed more personality.

I’ve also been playing around with Unity post effects and I know I’m about a decade late on this bandwagon, but OMG BLOOM SO PRETTY. So, now we’re going to have a slowly increasing level of bloom (related to the percentage of seeds planted) as well as a little ‘punch’ of bloom during the planting.

This is an example of what the game will look like at full bloom level:

Genus Loci Beta #3 from Jasmine Choinski on Vimeo.


Speaking of pretties, be sure to head over to Natalie’s site to see some more of the awesome art she is making for the game!

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