Anima Aeterna #1 & Link Dump

Seeing our last chance to change the game’s name – before we were permanently stuck with it – we have chosen the more appropiate title of “Anima Aeterna”. It roughly translates to “breath of life everlasting”. I feel it reflects the themes of the game better than the previous name.


So, been doing a LOT of bug squashing. Not done yet either.  -_- Mostly my fault – from sloppy coding and design assumptions , but here’s a pro tip for everyone else: just because you can change the values of something in the Unity editor, doesn’t mean that attribute is exposed in code. Lordy. -_-


Also implemented a couple of suggestions from the feedback we got last semester: adding heartbeat to seed (which syncs with cursor and speeds up near fire) and auto respawning of the seed. Also  implemented the bloom incrementing and punching. Check it out:




Now some helpful links I’ve come across:


A big list of game making engines & tools with pro’s and con’s.


A blog post, that while it’s titled “Code Optimization in Unity”, is actually about something much more important: whether you actually need to optimize your code and how to find that out in Unity. This would probably be very helpful for the teams working on iOS games.


Throw the Looking Glass” has a lot of great articles/podcasts on game mechanics and a series on how to best playtest your games. They also have a physics integration for FlashPunk!


And while we are thinking of where & how to publish our games, here is a massive list of websites that will host/sell Unity based games.


And finally, for your reading pleasure, Development Quote of the Week:


“What’s the Latin word for seed? It couldn’t possibly sound worse than the word ‘cox’ .”

How wrong I was about that.



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