NaGaDeMo wrap-up

Today marks the first of July and the end of NaGaDeMo. The month has been full of ups and downs – mostly downs – but, as my mother would say, nothing ever goes to waste.

I started off struggling with Twine. Twine, in many ways, is a beautiful tool. It has a lovely visual layout, allows for script importing/exporting and exporting the text for proofreading (VERY handy). Unfortunately, I came up against some of its eccentricities – for instance, it took me quite a few days to work out that links between passages would break when enclosed with quotation marks. I also struggled with the content; my first attempt was a satire of Pokemon, but it quickly devolved into something darker than what I was comfortable with. My second idea was inspired by this article, but I was afraid that I couldn’t do it justice. My third was to have the player play-testing a game with a GLADOS-like guide (yes, very meta meta meta); I had started this idea, when my computer slowly ground to a halt and died.

Happily, I was able to ressurect it a few days later. By this time it was halfway through June and I began to Panic with a capital ” P”. I was able to access  So, I turned to familiar stomping grounds and begun prototyping two ideas- one was a simple endless runner and the other was inspired by Calming Manatee   (manatees are so awesome) – until MonoDevelop decided that it would crash every time I tried to save a script and Unity wouldn’t let me use any other editore. Never thought I’d miss UniSCITE :( . On to GameMaker next – I picked one of their tutorials, as it would be easy and quick to get it up and running. I ended up with a quaint clone of Fruit Ninja that I adapted to an Alice in Wonderland theme – specifically the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Smashing teacups and saucers, etc.

Then I realized that here I was, once again missing an opportunity to make a text-based game (something I had wanted to try out for a long time), so I switched back to Twine and in the last five days made a game. It is not as long or interactive as I would have liked, but it is finished. Even though the result seems short and simple, it totals in 6000 words and the screenshot of the Twine visual map gives you an idea of how complex even a ‘simple’ game like this can be.

So, with my apologies to Thomas Wyatt and other members of history, I present my NaGaDeMo entry:


Circa Regna Tonat



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3 Responses to NaGaDeMo wrap-up

  1. Porpentine says:

    I like this! There are some fine sharp lines, particularly the blunt dismissal of “You are not interested in history and history is not interested in you.”

    What story does the red hart/white doe allude to?

  2. Porpentine says:

    ohhhh, from another poem by Wyatt–i like this eternal hunt sequence, so bittersweet

  3. Jasmine Choinski says:

    I’m so glad you liked it!

    Thomas Wyatt was alluding to a legend in which White Stags were found 200 years after the Caesar died, with golden collars and the inscription “Caesar’s I am.” “Noli me tangere” is a reference to Jesus/Mary Magadalene & the Resurrection and Red/White symbolism is furthered with a legend of Mary turning an egg red.

    There’s also the traditional symbolism of Red/White: Passion/Innocence, Blood/Semen, etc. Deer (Stags in particular), held a lot of meaning in those times; they had a strong association with royalty and were seen as the ultimate animal to hunt.

    So, my long-ways-about of answering your question, I tried to use Wyatt’s poetry and the above elements to mix together for that particular ‘thread’.

    Thanks again!

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