Who are you?

My name is Jasmine Shawna Choinski. I hold a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Theatre and Writing and am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Games Design, with the ambition of becoming a professional Game Designer one day. I’ll let my official unofficial bio do the rest of the talking:

HAI, IM JASMiNE!!!11!!1! I sexon year Griffith Uni student. I liek makking gamez and am really cearious about stuff. U should come talk 2 me and b impressed bai how serzious I am. I Can HAS cake support now???

Traffic was a what-now?

“Traffic was a bitch” is a line from a movie called “The Player“. Without spoiling too much, it’s the punchline for the movie and represents selling out, injustice, moral relativism and other hazards of success. A good measure of whether a book/movie/game ‘s creators have sold their souls, is to try inserting  the line “Traffic Was A Bitch” into them and finding that it is not out of place.

Personally, the line seems like a very apt motto for me: I struggle artistically with pushes and pulls of self-expression, audience expectations and the need to be commercially relevant. ‘Cause you know, food and shelter and stuff is nice. And don’t we all struggle to be able to achieve in this world without betraying our principles? And, of course, I’ve alway been slow – to hit developmental milestones; among the last to grasp a new skill; and always physically lagging behind others. But I know I’ll reach my destination – eventually.  And when I do, I will look around me and say:

“Traffic was a bitch.”

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