Genus Loci #5

Got a little distracted by needing to do a task and schedule breakdown for Wednesday’s pitch. It’s mostly finger in the wind stuff, but I’ve tried to be accurate as possible:

I’ve also realised that I’ve neglected to say that the game will be 2D and that it will probably be built in Unity. I say “probably”, as because Unity has many issues with getting 2D to work properly and if I end working by myself or doing the programming, I might try to using Torque 2D – which while I have little experience with, is built specifically for 2D games.

Genus Loci #4

Upon reflection, I think that the puzzle elements won’t enhance the player’s experience and are also blowing out the scope of the game. I’m cutting them – they may be re-instated later, if after play testing, there is a need for something *more*.

Still working on plant concept art. Finding it hard to get the look right. Trying out both cactus and fungi style plants.

Level designs coming soon (hopefully).

Genus Loci #2

There is quite an extensive backstory to the game, but before I get into that, I must stress that the story is only to be inferred to the player non-verbally via heavy mis en scene .

The setting is in alternative-history 1940s, in a place that was a community of Occamists (magic users – think alchemists, but they pursued silver instead of gold), but has been devestated by a terrible anti-magic device that has killed all life within. The seed is first thing alive to enter the complex in years. The player helps nature reclaim the complex via planting the seeds. All the while the player explores the ruins and slowly reveals a terrible secret about the Occamists and the device that destroyed the complex. I’m not going to reveal anymore at this stage!

Concept art for the seed:

Some concept art for the environments, drawn from photos of Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Detroit, etc.

Next up: Complex level-to-level flow, puzzle examples, plant concept art and level layouts. Phew.

Genus Loci #1

It’s that time of year again: when the leaves fall off the trees, uni starts once more and young women’s thoughts of fancy turn to their post-apopalyptic tales of despair, renewal and design.

My pitch for a game at uni this year is something I’ve temporarily titled “Genus Loci” which is Latin for “spirit of the place” (ambience) or a guardian spirit.

Roughly, the player uses wind to control a seed and guide it past obstacles (such as water, fire, oil and contrary wind sources) to a safe spot for it plant and grow. Plants also function as save points and can be used to launch a new seed, should the current one be destroyed.

In each level, seeds must be planted in all safe spots and a small puzzle must be solved to progress to the next level. Completing all levels will ‘win’ the game.

I have created a small video to visually explain the gameplay – NOT the art style/direction. I will put up some concept art later to illustrate what I have in mind for it aesthetically.

Click the image to see the video.